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CDS are now stocking JB Red Roofing Battens in Guernsey

April 19, 2023

When it comes to constructing a high-quality and durable roof, every component must be carefully chosen. At CDS, we understand the importance of using top-notch materials, which is why we are thrilled to announce the arrival of JB Red Roofing Battens in Guernsey. These battens, renowned for their strength and reliability, are now available from stock at CDS. With our JB Red battens, you can ensure the best roofing solution for your projects in Guernsey.

Exceptional Quality and Durability:

JB Red battens stand out in the market as the only UK factory graded roof batten with BBA certification. Manufactured using high-grade, slow-grown, and kiln-dried sideboards, these battens provide unparalleled strength and stability. They have been preservative treated to resist wood rotting fungi and insect attack, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable roof structure. With a 60-year desired service life, JB Red battens are the best choice for roof battens in Guernsey.

Why choose JB Red Battens:

  1. Consistent Size: JB Red battens are available in two sizes, 25 x 38mm and 25 x 50mm. With consistent width and thickness, installation becomes quick and effortless.
  2. Easy Identification: The distinctive red pigment in JB Red battens allows for easy identification on-site, providing convenience to inspectors and contractors alike.
  3. Precision Grading: JB Red battens are precision graded to the millimetre, ensuring compliance with the stringent performance criteria of the UK Building Regulations (BS 5534). This meticulous grading process guarantees their suitability for roofing applications.

Sustainability and Reliability:

CDS prioritises sustainability and reliability. JB Red battens are sourced from Scandinavian sawmills through an extensive network, ensuring full chain of custody. All timber used is either FSC® or PEFC™ certified, guaranteeing that it comes from responsibly managed forests. We carefully select slow-grown timber for maximum strength and durability. By using kiln-dried sideboards, we eliminate weaker cuts, resulting in greater stability and reduced distortion.

Ready for Supply and Easy to Identify:

JB Red battens are readily available from CDS. As they are pre-graded, there is no need for on-site visual grading, saving time and effort. Their distinctive red colour makes them easily recognisable, ensuring a smooth installation process for contractors and providing confidence to building inspectors.

Part of the Marley Roof System:

JB Red battens are an integral part of the Marley roof system. At CDS, we offer a comprehensive range of Marley products, including underlays, dry fix accessories, and roof tiles, all designed and tested to work seamlessly together. By using the Marley roof system, you eliminate the uncertainty of mixing and matching different components from various manufacturers. Rest assured, our roof system is backed by a 15-year guarantee, providing you and your customers with peace of mind.

Roof Battens Cost:

For a personalised quote or further information, please get in touch with Jim at CDS. You can reach him by calling 01481 235631 or sending an email to Jim@cdsrbf.com.

At CDS, we are proud to introduce JB Red Roofing Battens to Guernsey. With their exceptional quality, durability, and easy identification, these battens are the best choice for your roofing projects. By incorporating JB Red battens as part of the Marley roof system, you can ensure a reliable and long-lasting roof. Contact us today to request a quote and experience the excellence of JB Red battens supplied by CDS in Guernsey.